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ORM9998 CCR Technician Service Kit £581.65

Comprehensive technician pack including tools and spares for Open Safety rebreathers

Includes full O-ring and lip-seal set described in datasheet, all flapper valves, diaphrams, and hard plastic parts that are recommended as spares if travelling to remote regions.   The kit also includes all tools and lubricants.

The spare parts kit includes:
One of each type of O-ring with a waterproof 1:1 O-ring chart.
Counterlung repair patch
Two C Clips for the ALVBOV Tubes
One of each type of Mushroom valve
Virkon, 10 tabs
Spare center pin for the EAC
Spare EAC Seal
Spare elastomer mouthpiece and cable tie
Screws for oxygen cell holder
One nut and one bolt for harness
O-ring pick
ALVBOV Faceplate
Jubilee clip covers
Gleitmo 599 and Tribolube 71
Spare parts storage container

Specialist A-320 pin spanner and C-spanner
Pressure gauge: intermediate pressure
Seat adjustment tool
Allen key set
Inspection light, UV for O2 field clean check

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 11 August, 2017.

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