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Apollo A320 CMF M26 or Nitrox G5/8DIN
[Apollo A320 ]

The first stage regulator is a high quality pressure compensated diaphragm SCUBA regulator having either G5/8 300 bar (A-320 NITROX model) or M26 300 bar inlet (A-320 CMF model), and two mirrored output port faces, each having three ports: one pressure outlets and two low pressure outlets. Outlets are standard SCUBA threads: 5/16” UNF for the high pressure port and 3/8” UNF for the low pressure port.
A feature of the design is it is very compact and light weight, offering very high breathing performance.

The lubricant used is Gleitmo 599, which has an oxygen surge auto-ignition pressure exceeding 450 bar.
When the A-320 first stage is used with the Deep Life ALVBOV, the performance of the valve meets the requirements of EN 250. The A-320 was not deleterious to the performance of any 2nd stage regulator (DSV) it was tested with compared with their native first stage. The A-320 has a novel flow adaptive pressure compensation which gets the maximum performance out of the second stage.
The A-320 regulator has been widely used in Asia for more than ten years without incident relating to the first stage regulator.

Samples of the regulator were supplied to BAM and a sample has been subject to oxygen surge testing at BAM (the German Federal Institute for Materials Testing), and passed. There is absolutely no difference to the oxygen compatibility between these two models. The use of G5/8 and M26 threads is determined by the application: air and hypoxic applications use G5/8 and oxygen applications use M26. The CMF model will be supplied only with M26 inlet threads.
The CMF regulator is distinguished by a green cap that is clearly marked “Absolute Pressure Regulator” and “mCCR use only”.

The default Intermediate Pressure (IP) is 11.5bar. The IP can be factory set between 11 and 18bar.

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 15 August, 2012.

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