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Harnesses, bail out etc
Tech Harness

 This is a tech wreck diving style harness.

Standard webbing harness

  This is a webbing harness in the Hogarthian style, but adapted to rebreathers and the need for the counterlungs to be close to the body by adding a shoulder pull so it can adjusted easily.

The harness comes complete with a crotch strap, scooter rings and left side D-rings.

The harness is supplied as standard with the Apocalypse Type IV rebreather.



DIR Hogarthian Harness

A single piece webbing harness, including 50mm crotch strap, scooter D rings, harness chest D rings and left bail out cylinder D ring.  Padded sleeves are fitted to the shoulders and on the waist belt.

Note this harness has a clip on the left strap, otherwise it is can be difficult to don and doff the rebreather, in particular in an emergency.

Standard wing

 Standard wing, supplied with all Open Safety sports rebreathers.  

This is top quality DIR type design using a toroidal air cell that allows gas at the bottom of the wing to move from side to side.  

This wing is bungeed to keep a minimum profile, and provides over 22.5kg of lift when fully inflated.

Outer cover in ballistic nylon, inner air cell accessed via a discrete zip. Pull dump on bottom, manual inflator, power inflator.    Fully replaceable inner air cell.

CE Type Approved by UKAS Accredited NB (SGS United Kingdom Ltd) to EN1809:1997  (BS EN 1809:1998) 

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