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Returning Goods for Service or Repair
NA90 O2 Cells: Compensated, SMB

These are temperate compensated oxygen cells with an SMB connection, for use with O2 pods and third party dive computers produced by Narkedat90: OSEL purchase stocks of these to assist its customers.

These cells are top quality cells made by a major cell manufacturer for use with the NA90 O2 pods.
These cells are not suitable for use with OSEL's Functional Safety certified PPO2 monitors and iCCR: OSEL's monitors take a non-temperature compensated ruggedised cell produced by another top manufacturer, Aii, and are listed separately.


DeepLife O2 Cells: Non-Compensated, SMB, Ruggedised

These oxygen cells are the result of a seven year cell study, and are unique to the Apocalypse.  They are the same size as R22 or PSR 11-39 cells, with design changes to ensure the maximum reliability.

Oxygen cells are a controlled item: following your order, you will be prompted for your Apocalypse Certification Number, or a pre-Apocalypse rebreather certification number if you have ordered within one month of release (i.e. before 22nd Nov 2008)

EAC Scrubbers, pack of 8

Micropore Extendair cartridge, 125mm x 195mm with large central bore (Model SR-0801C).
 cartridges are free of dust, eliminate channeling, offer the lowest WOB and tolerate water for short periods (up to 5 minutes with no significant effect on scrubber duration).  This product is currently shipped next business day.

more info



Virkon Cleaner

 Virkon Multi-Purpose Disinfectant Cleaner (Pack of ten 5g tabs, or 100g powder) 

Over the years, rebreather divers have used many products as breathing loop disinfectants and cleaners, often with questionable safety, uncertain efficacy, and poor material compatibility. In 2002 at the request of the Canadian Forces diving community, Defence Research and Development Canada report studied nine different disinfectants: Advance TBE, BI-Arrest, Buddy Clean, CaviCide®, Confidence, Listerine® Antiseptic, Sanizide™, TriGene II, and Virkon®.  They concluded that only one, Virkon, could be primarily recommended for disinfecting rebreathers.

Virkon was developed and is manufactured at the Antec International facility in the UK, which became a DuPont company late in 2003.  Virkon is has different certifications, which affect how it can be procured for different applications: on aspect of certifications is that product within a certification is identified uniquely.   This has led to Virkon being sold by DuPont under three trade names: Virkon, Virkon-S and RelyOn.   Virkon is the primary multi-purpose cleaner.  For use in veterinary/animal livestock applications, it is sold as Virkon-S, but is identical chemically to Virkon without the -S.  DuPont changed the name of the Virkon formulation for medical use to be RelyOn™ Multi-Purpose Disinfectant Cleaner.  RelyOn MDC is manufactured under more strenuous production controls and quality assurance testing, making it suitable for use on humans. Both Virkon-S and RelyOn are treated as pharmaceutical products in some countries, which complicates supply, import and distribution.   For use on rebreathers, the original Virkon marked product is the appropriate cleaner, and is free of import restrictions.   Virkon is the only authorised chemical for cleaning Open Revolution rebreathers. Use weekly, and whenever a different diver is using the rebreather.

Gleitmo 599:  2cc in syringes
 Datasheet (pdf)

Gleitmo 599 oxygen compatible lubricant, 2cc supplied in two 1cc syringes.   Gleitmo 599 is the only approved high pressure lubricate for use with OSEL rebreathers.

Gleitmo 599 has been oxygen surge tested and is the only lubricant in the hundreds listed by BAM (www.bam.de) and the German Chemicals Institute that does not ignite in the CE oxygen surge test at the pressures that may be present in HP SCUBA oxygen systems (e.g. regulators and valves).

Download datasheet for complete MSDS.

Tribolube 71:  2.4g satchet

Satchet of Tribolube 71, for low and ambient pressure lubrication.   2.4 grams net, in a 3.2 gram sachet.

O2 tank safety label

O2 Cylinder label, printed to wrap around a 2 litre cylinder on white gloss self-adhesive polyester film.  Click on thumbnail on left to see the whole label.

Air tank safety label

Air Cylinder label, printed to wrap around a 2 litre cylinder on white gloss polyester film.

Full Service of Rebreather Breathing Loop

Full service of a rebreather breathing loop, including regulators (2 off), ALVBOV, injectors etc.

All worn parts are replaced within the cost of the service.

All product improvements developed in the past 12 months are fitted, within the cost of the service.

Annual Service of ALVBOV or Injector

Annual service of any single rebreather subsystem: ALVBOV, Oxygen Injector, or pair of regulators.

Note: it is recommended that the full rebreather breathing loop is submitted for annual service, in which case the ALVBOV, injector and regulators are included in the full loop service.


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