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Dive Computers
BIO350 Trimix OC/CCR Dive Computer, Functional Safety Certified
 Datasheet (pdf)

 The most advanced dive computer on the market today, offering a choice of 8 decompression algorithms, extensive rebreather support and a wealth of other features including:

  • Very Easy to Use icon based user interface
  • OC / eCCR / SCR / eSCR / mCCR / iCCR modes
  • Choice of 8 decompression algorithms:
    • Buhlmann ZHL16C90
    • UDM18 for extreme dives
    • DCAPMM11E6 to match rebreathers (default)
    • DSAT RDP to match third party computers
    • Comex-He for long trimix and heliox dives
    • DCIEM for conservative decompression planning
    • True VPM-B for intermediate depth technical diving
  • Conservatism (Gradient Factors) selectable on all Haldanean algorithms, with 30/70 as default.
  • Functionally safety certified to IEC EN 61508 SIL 2, and SIL 3 code.
  • Nitrox, Trimix and Heliox enabled.
  • Up to 10 active gases, with full tank sender integration.
  • 350m (1,150 ft) depth limit and tested to 700m (2,300 ft).
  • With iCCR connects with ALVBOV RF to display PPO2
  • No Lock-Out: handles decompression violations automatically.
  • Salinity, cold water and overhead environment compensation.
  • Multi-lingual: English, Danish, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese (Pin-yin text), Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and others.
  • UDDF-4 Dive logs with 1mm resolution, 1 sec reporting.
  • Simulator available, running same SPARK Ada code as BIO-350, for MacOs, Linux and MS Windows XP and Windows 7.
  • 4GB Log can stored a lifetime of dives, and Dive Lab™ supplied with every computer has full SQL database to search, analyse and display.
  • Rechargeable Safe Lithium (Lithium Iron Phosphate) provides 35 hours of diving and 3 months of standby.
  • Charged using either Powermat inductive charging, or by USB cable.
  • Bluetooth capability
  • Rebreather Support for SCR, PaSCR, mCCR, eCCR with both automatic and manual PPO2 setpoint changes, bailing out onto
  • Size curves to fit snugly on the arm: 86mm x 85mm x 27mm on arm (Curved, 36.3mm max), weight 280g.
  • Very Tough: aircraft aluminium housing over-moulded in soft touch thermoplastic, 9mm thick glass.  
  • Stainless steel piezo-switches.
  • PPO2 Pod version available: see Rebreather Monitors
  • Manufactured in Scotland in ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and IEC EN 61508 certified process.

 IMPORTANT AVAILABILITY NOTICE:  Preorders are now being taken for this product.  No deposit will be taken.   The product has been produced in batches and is now in final release.  First retail batch is scheduled for shipment in Q1 2014.

Discount scheme is in place for Apocalypse IV
 Early Adopters: quote your serial number when ordering - limit one per EA.

AV1 Trimix Dive Computer, with Backup 3-Cell PPO2 Monitor Options
 Datasheet (pdf)

PPO2 Monitor based on AV1 Dive computer, fully nitrox,  trimix and rebreather enabled.  CE certified, This Dive Computer offers a wealth of features including:

  • Ultra-bright sunlight readable colour display, 2.4" diagonal.
  • Widely used decompression algorithm: Buhlmann ZHL16C90.
  • Gradient Factors selectable with 30/70 as default.
  • Nitrox, Trimix and Heliox enabled.
  • Up to 8 gases for open circuit, plus closed circuit.
  • 100m (330 ft) depth limit and with proven testing to >200m (>660ft)
  • No Lock-Out: handles decompression violations automatically.
  • Simulator available, for MS Windows XP and Windows 7.
  • 100 dive log, with 10s interval.
  • Rechargeable LiPo  provides 35 hours of diving and 3 months of standby.
  • Charged using USB cable.
  • Size curves to fit snugly on the arm: 90mm x 65mm x 28mm on arm, weight 270g.
  • Tough CNC machined case from engineering plastics for long life.
  • Modern piezo-buttons.
  • Available with a host of PPO2 monitoring options when ordering including:
    • None: Standalone dive computer without connection to O2 cells,
    • Fischer connector (7 pin) for direct reading and display of O2 cells,
    • NA90 3 Cell Pod, with or without cells, connected via Fischer connector,
    • Hardwired Pod with HUD.

Narkedat90 PPO2 Monitor POD intended for backup applications, comprising:

1.  PPO2 monitor POD, accepting Narkedat90 temperature compensated O2 cells. Cells can be included with order.

2.  Fischer connected PPO2 Monitor with PPO2 display

3.  Option of a Fischer connected aftermarket HUD displaying PPO2 or a second PPO2 Monitor on POD

The included PPO2 POD fits all recreational (rated for use from surface to 6m to 100m to 350m) rebreathers in the Apocalypse series.

This is not a functionally certified product; it is supplied for backup purposes only or for OEM use.    The product is designed and supplied by a third party.   For main dive use, the user is referred to OSEL's functional certified products.  CE certification is for the dive computer functions only.  Shipment within Europe requires a waiver agreement.  Again, this is a third party product, not developed by OSEL or Deep Life.

AVAILABILITY: In stock and shipping routinely. The AV1 PPO2 Monitor is being successfuly dived with the Apocalypse Type IV CCR; making it the best performing mCCR on the market for a very competitive total price.

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