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Apocalypse Type IV Backmounted Sports CCR
 Datasheet (pdf)

A CE Certified OEM rebreather, that can be dived straight from the box in pure O2 mode or fitted with an approved PPO2 monitor or PPO2 controller for the fullest range of sports diving, with unparalleled performance - the lowest work of breathing of any rebreather.

Training is included in the price: a 2-3 day cross-over course with any of our instructors!

The depth limit for all pure oxygen rebreathers from any manufacturer is 6msw (20ft), and duration per dive of 45 minutes.  For deeper or longer dives, the iCCR version of the Apocalypse is required or an OEM PPO2 monitor or controller to provide depth limits of 100m and durations of 2 hours 45 minutes under CE conditions, or over 5 hours under warm water diving conditions.

Apocalypse: the word means "unveil" or "reveal" in Latin, and this is a tool to explore and reveal the underwater world like none before it!    

Developed out of the 200 man-year Open Revolution ™ rebreather safety initiative led by Deep Life Ltd, the Apocalypse Type IV O2-CCR is believed to be the safest SCUBA rebreather that can be engineered today for sports divers.

  • Work of breathing simply not noticeable: like walking in the park
  • One-touch Bail out Valve fitted as standard
  • Quick fit EAC scrubber cartridges, the safest scrubber technology on the planet
  • Water dumps allow full loop recovery even if flooded
  • Passive oxygen addition minimises risks of the diver forgetting to flush the loop
  • Fast preparation:  loop rinse and scrubber replacement takes under 3 minutes!
  • Rugged with low maintenance
  • Clean front and shoulders: internal back-mounted counterlungs
  • Profile above diver of just 170.5mm, less than a single 10 litre cylinder
  • Light: as low as 17kg ready to dive. 

Full compliance with all applicable safety standards, with open publication of the safety documentation (on www.deeplife.co.uk/or.php), is a cornerstone of the design: the formal verification, test results, failure analysis, performance measurements and compliance matrices are audited and published – an openness that is truly revolutionary in rebreather safety. 

Safety and Contractual Note: Training is essential to use rebreather products safely. To close out your trolley you will be presented with a contract that you will obtain training, as well as a liability waiver.   This product is built to order.

All orders at the price above are shipped with rebreather loop, O2 and MUG cylinder, two cylinder valves, two high performance first stage regulators each fitted with OPRV and SPG,  BOV and ALV (ADV) combined as an ALVBOV, all hoses, bug caps, CD containing user manual, exploded drawings and certification, attached lid storage box, air transport notices, one EAC scrubber, wing and harness, M26 Male to DIN Female filling adapter.    To dive requires the following additional items (not supplied): 4kg standard dive weight, gas fill with O2, mask and fins.

AVAILABILITY:  This product is in continuous production and is shipping routinely.  As of Jan 2014, shipping from stock.  Note shipping checks and customs clearance documents can take 2 weeks. 


Apocalypse Type II Backmounted Expedition CCR

The world’s longest duration production rebreather for use in cave diving and/or expedition applications.  The rebreather uses two parallel EAC scrubbers.

Under US test conditions the scrubber duration is 8-12hours depending on exact profile. This unit is functionally identical and interchangeable with the Type IV offering the divers the preplanning choice of one (Type IV) or two (Type II) scrubbers with the same World-leading BMCL breathing loop performance and electronics options.

The Apocalypse Type II rebreather is fitted as standard with an Octopus DSV to allow a second diver to use the breathing loop at the same time as the primary user, to provide a real bailout option for extreme penetration dives.

Training is included in the price: a 2-3 day cross-over course with any of our instructors!   

A communications pack option (at additional cost) can be fitted to replace the second diver assembly, to provide OTS through-water communications up to 1km, and 3D diver position mapping on the surface.    All electrical connectors are marine wet-mateable.   OTS and Apollo Full Face Masks are supported, with snap-attach.  

Connectors are available to allow high pressure gas to be connected.

AVAILABILITY:  This product is in batch production.  Lead time varies from stock to 18 weeks depending on configuration.   All spares are already stocked and can be shipped on a next-day basis.

Apocalypse Type VII Frontmounted Rescue SCR/CCR

A quick connect, front-mounted bail-out or rescue rebreather, which fits virtually any BCD or harness.  This provides 4 hour duration under NEDU test conditions.  

The rebreather may be operated in SCR or O2 CCR mode.  The product would normally be used with the OSEL  gas mixing valve and a PPO2 monitor with full trimix dive computer functionality: all monitors supplied by OSEL will fit this product, including the iCCR package.

Training is included in the price: a 2-3 day cross-over course with any of our instructors!

The counterlungs inside the rebreather are chest-mounted, providing the opposite hydrostatic balance to back-mounted rebreathers for optimum performance under rescue conditions.   The rebreather has an outstanding breathing performance, meeting CE requirements even at depths of 350m when fitted with suitable monitors and gas supplies. 

CE compliant and compliant with EN 14143:2013 to 350m, even though this is outside the PPE Directive’s scope.

IMPORTANT AVAILABILITY NOTICE: In production. Lead time varies from stock to 16 weeks. 


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