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Open Safety Equipment Ltd is a portal for products developed and licensed to us by selected design centres.

The primary design centre we licence from is Deep Life Ltd. We set up this portal to manage volume manufacturing and sales of the products we commissioned. This quickly snowballed and now provides a service to some of their other clients as a consolidated sales and support centre. We are heavily supported by Deep Life Ltd, but have the expertise in manufacturing, sales and support to provide you with the tools and products you need, on a global basis.

Our manufacturing base has been running for over 30 years and has produced over 50 million electro-mechanical products in Scotland. All design, production and shipment is within an ISO 9000 certified environment.

Please find all safety data on the Design Authority's web site

Contacting the Open Safety Equipment team For further information, contact:

If phone contact required, please email support at
Due to the inefficiency of manning phones 24/7 with the right staff to provide quality answers to all types of query, our preferred form of communication is email. We distribute email queries to the correct staff electronically, so an email will get a fast response (same day normally, whereever you are in the world).
Fax: Scan and Email preferred.
Skype: "OpenSafety"
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Technical Support:

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Open Safety Equipment Ltd, Zetland Road, Hillington Park, Industrial Estate, Glasgow, G52 4BW

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