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Record Breaking

Functional Safety
Certified and CE

Modular Rebreathers
with choice of 3 loops

Open Safety´s modular rebreathers span the entire spectrum of diving, delivering unprecidented performance, ruggedness and safety.

Our three rebreather loops, Apocalypse II, IV and VII, cover:

  • Type II: Backmount, dual parallel scrubber,for dives to 350m for up to 10 hours duration for expedition and commercial use,
  • Type IV: Backmount, single scrubber, optimised for dives to 100m for up to 5 hours duration for sports diving,
  • Type VII: Frontmount, single scrubber, optimised for dives to 100m (350m limit), for up to 5 hours duration for rescue and bailout.
The breathing performance of the Apocalypse rebreathers achieves hitherto unimagined levels: every model at 350m is better than the CE EN14143:2013 limits for 40m.

All durations quoted above are under US test conditions of 1.35lpm RMV, 15°C, for a 100m dive profile. CE data also published.
All our rebreather loops come ready to dive as pure O2 units, including fitted with bailout valve, cylinders, and a Micropore EAC scrubber. To use Nitrox or Heliox for greater depths and durations, simply just add the appropriate controller and monitor to your order.

The monitors and controller options include:

  • PPO2 Monitor and option for safety net PPO2 control,
  • CO2 Monitor for monitoring end of exhale CO2,
  • iCCR integrating full gas monitoring with automatic bailout.
Each model can be configured as a pure O2 rebreather, mCCR / iCCR, SCR or eCCR with the appropriate controller.

Our rebreathers are unique in achieving certification to a recognised Functional Safety standard, IEC EN 65108, the "Gold Standard" in safety.

Professionally designed, production engineered, and managed by engineers to deliver the best there is, with uncompromised performance, safety and capability.
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Dive Computers
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